About us

Ozerty is a young company that falls under the category of e-commerce. The company started in Europe with its first online store in 2019. Since then, Ozerty has opened more and more stores in many different countries. Right now, we are spread across the globe, from North America to Scandinavia.

Our international team, the group of people behind Ozerty, can be described as creative and dynamic. We like the great mix of culture and knowledge we have at Ozerty, which helps the company to keep growing.

A company that cares

We are a small to medium sized business, which gives us many advantages. For example, we understand how important it can be for our customers to have a personal touch with their salesperson. That's why our team always works hard to offer our customers the best we have, and to be available to help with information or problem solving. And two listening ears when it's time to get feedback.

Everyone at Ozerty works together to deliver top results. Our marketing team is great at finding trendy products you might need in your everyday life, things you can't easily find elsewhere. Our tech team makes sure the website looks and works great. And of course, we have our wonderful customer service team that makes sure all issues are taken care of quickly and smoothly!

The future of Ozerty

We at Ozerty see ourselves in the future as both bigger and stronger. Constantly improving and constantly expanding. With a great collaboration between our amazing team and the customers who teach us to be better every day, we will surely make it.

We welcome you to enjoy your experience at Ozerty!


Contact Us:

From 9.00 to 18.00. Monday to Friday.
Phone: 010 884 87 30
Email: kontakt@ozerty-sverige.com