2-pack of electric fan protection filter

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  • Improved protection

  • Made with quality materials

  • Wide compatibility

  • Easy installation

  • Easy to clean

Make sure you can protect your kids and family from accidental fan cuts with these electric fan fan guard filters.

Skyddande nätfilter för fläkt - 2 st skyddsnät för säker fläkt - skyddsfilter för elektrisk fläkt - Ozerty

Improved protection

It could be argued that fans are essential items that every household should have and you are absolutely right. After all, who wants to stay in the heat when you can have access to a cool and refreshing breeze? If you have a family or live in an environment where children are likely to have access to your fan, however, it becomes increasingly complicated as you need to ensure that you do not have any items in the house that could pose a danger to your children.

You don't have to worry though, because with these fan filters you can keep your fan and still be able to protect the children in your home. This is because these fan filters offer enhanced protection as they effectively prevent children or anyone else for that matter from slipping their fingers through the frame of your fan.

2-Pack of Electric Fan Protection Filters - Enhanced Protection - Ozerty

Made with quality materials

Now you might be thinking, "These protective fan shrouds look so fragile, so won't they break or tear easily?" Good question! It's an easy assumption to make because if it looks fragile, it probably is fragile in most cases. However, that rule does not apply in this case because these protective mains filters have a high-quality construction .

This quality construction ensures that the protective filters are strong and firm so that they do not break easily. They are also durable so you can be sure that your protective fan net will remain in perfect, unreformed condition after washing.

2-paket med filter för skydd av elektrisk fläkt - Tillverkad med kvalitetsmaterial - Ozerty

Wide compatibility

Another advantage of these filters for the protection of electric fans is that they have wide compatibility . There are several different options for fan covers that people use to cover their fans, but there are just as many different sizes of fans, so finding a cover that fits your fan perfectly can be a challenge.

However, thanks to its wide compatibility, this protective mains fan guard does not have this limitation. It's stretchy so it will fit your fan perfectly no matter what size.

2-paket med filter för skydd av elektrisk fläkt - Bred kompatibilitet - Ozerty

Easy installation

In addition to having a high-quality construction and being universally applicable to different sizes of fan frames, this fan guard is also very easy to put on . To put it on, you just need to cover the entire fan frame with the protective net, just like you dress the fan with the protective cover. That's all. The mesh has an elastic band to help ensure it stays firmly in place until you want to remove it.

2-paket med filter för skydd av elektrisk fläkt - Enkel installation - Ozerty

Easy to clean

This adjustable fan guard is also very easy to clean . You can choose to wash it by hand or use a machine when you want to clean it. However, please note that when washing with a machine, do not use strong bleach, alkali or acid to wash. Also, make sure you don't tumble dry it, just wash it and then spread it out in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

2-paket med filter för skydd av elektrisk fläkt - Lätt att rengöra - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Color: Pink, blue
  • Material: Polyester blend
  • Diameter: 30-40cm
2-paket med filter för skydd av elektrisk fläkt - Dimensions - Ozerty


2 x Protective net filter for fan

2-paket med filter för skydd av elektrisk fläkt - Package - Ozerty

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