Dispenser and holder for bottle caps

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  • Perfect for dispensing thick liquids

  • Wide application

  • Made with quality materials

  • easy to use

  • Reusable

Stand your bottles upside down and easily dispense liquids like shampoo and cleaning soap with these versatile bottle caps.

Dispenser och hållare för lock - 6-pack hållare för flaskkork - Mångsidiga flasklock - Ozerty

Perfect for dispensing viscous liquids

Have you ever been in situations where you try to use your shampoo or get some liquid soap out of the soap dispenser, but it just won't come out, or it comes out very slowly? If you've been through this, you know exactly how frustrating this can be, and one of the main reasons why this usually happens is because of the way the bottle is stored when not in use, i.e. in an upright position.

However, with these versatile caps, you don't have to struggle with getting your shampoo out of your bottle again. This product allows you to store your bottles upside down, which makes it perfect for dispensing viscous liquids .

Bottle Cap Dispenser and Holder - Perfect for Dispensing Viscous Liquids - Ozerty

Wide application

Another advantage of these creative bottle rack caps is that they have a wide application thanks to their versatile design. Usually, bottle caps are somewhat specific due to their difference in size, and this limits the ability to interchange caps.

However, these caps have a universal design which means you can use them on almost any type of bottle, provided it is a screw type.

Dispenser och hållare för flasklock - Bred tillämpning - Ozerty

Made with quality materials

Besides being perfect for dispensing viscous liquids and having a versatile design, these creative lids are also made of quality materials . This is logical; after all, you would expect a cap used to support the full weight of the shampoo or soap bottle to be strong enough to effectively prevent the bottle from falling and being damaged.
However, thanks to their high-quality construction, these caps are completely durable and robust, so you definitely won't have anything to worry about when it comes to the safety of your bottles; they will remain in perfect condition.

Dispenser och hållare för flasklock - Tillverkad med kvalitetsmaterial - Ozerty

easy to use

Another feature of these versatile bottle caps that make them perfect for you is their ease of use . You might have been wondering how exactly you are going to be able to use these bottle caps, but you don't need to worry because they are easy to use.

To use them, you just need to unscrew the old cap on your bottle and then screw this one on. Then you can simply turn the bottle upside down. When you want to dispense some of your liquid from the bottle, simply pull the valve out to let it flow out, and when you're done, push it back in to effectively seal and prevent your stored liquid from leaking out. It works like a lid for a drink bottle. So practical!

Dispenser och hållare för flasklock - Lätt att använda - Ozerty


These bottle caps are also highly reusable , meaning you can wash them when they get dirty and reuse them without a problem. They are also machine washable, so you won't have any problems in that regard.

Dispenser och hållare för flasklock - Återanvändbar - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Diameter: 2 x 2.3cm, 2 x 2.7cm, 2 x 3.7cm
  • Material: Plastic
Dispenser och hållare för flasklock - Dimensions - Ozerty


6 x Bottle caps (various sizes)

Dispenser och hållare för flasklock - Package - Ozerty

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