36-pack of invisible acne patches

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  • Effective acne treatment

  • Invisible patch

  • Comfortable design that breathes

  • easy to use

  • Skin-friendly ingredients

You can remove acne breakouts easily, safely and effectively with these invisible acne patches.

Invisible Pimple Cover Patch - Osynlig akneplåster - Osynlig Akne Behandling Removable plåster  - Ozerty

Effective treatment of acne

Do you have acne? Or maybe you know someone who has it? If you have experience with acne breakouts, you know how difficult it is to treat acne effectively. On the one hand, pimples just seem to grow bigger and disfigure your face if you let them. On the other hand, your face will probably get scarred if you try to squeeze them by hand. To make matters even more challenging, many available acne treatments don't actually work.

If you've been looking for a perfect acne treatment option, this invisible acne patch is just what you need! This fast acting patch is very effective and you should see positive results within at least 6 hours of application!

36-pack invisible acne patches - Effective treatment of acne - Ozerty

Invisible patch

It can be quite embarrassing to have to walk around with plasters on your face even if you have a good reason to do so. But it's probably even more embarrassing to have to walk around with "whitish spots" on your face that show you're using some kind of treatment cream. Unfortunately, many acne treatment options only exist as creams. This also means that you may not be able to wear makeup or the like when using this cream. But what if there was a treatment option that was both effective and completely addressed the shortcomings of cream preparations?

That's right! There is such a treatment option. This acne patch has a transparent/invisible design . This ensures that you can easily take care of acne breakouts while still looking as amazing as ever!

36-pack osynliga akneplåster - Osynligt plåster - Ozerty

Comfortable design that breathes

When it comes to treating medical conditions with skin patches, convenience is usually a very important factor. This is because users usually have to wear these patches for long periods of time. It therefore stands to reason that the best way to ensure that these patients adhere to the treatment regimen is to ensure that the patch they use is comfortable.
That's exactly why this invisible acne patch has a breathable, comfortable construction that ensures you'll feel completely comfortable when using it. It simply means that you will be able to wear it for long periods of time without any discomfort whatsoever.

36-pack osynliga akneplåster - Bekväm design som andas - Ozerty

easy to use

Another important reason why this invisible acne patch is the perfect solution is that it is easy to use . Unlike some other acne treatments that may require special instructions/conditions for use, all you need to do to use this patch effectively is follow the steps below:
- Clean and dry the area you want to apply the patch.
- Apply the patch to the desired area.
- When the patch turns white, remove it! Now admire the result in the mirror. You look fantastic!

Now, of course, there may be some "stubborn" pimples that refuse to go away after you use the first patch. But don't worry; simply repeat the process with another patch!

36-pack osynliga akneplåster - Lätt att använda - Ozerty

Contains skin-friendly ingredients

Now you might be thinking, "I have quite sensitive skin, so is this really the perfect option for me? Relax, you have nothing to worry about. This patch contains skin-friendly ingredients . These ingredients make it a perfect treatment option for everyone skin types, so if you don't have specific allergies to any of the ingredients in the patch, it should be fine. This product is not a substitute for any skin treatment your dermatologist has prescribed for you. Consult your doctor before using this product if you have a specific skin condition that require medical supervision.

36-pack osynliga akneplåster - Innehåller hudvänliga ingredienser  - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Number of patches: 36
36-pack osynliga akneplåster - Dimensions - Ozerty


36 x Acne patches

36-pack osynliga akneplåster - Package - Ozerty

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