Massaging insole with cobblestone

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  • Relieves pain

  • Good posture correction

  • Slimming effect

  • Not easily deformed

  • easy to use

Get rid of foot pain and soreness and improve your metabolism and posture with this cobblestone design massaging insole.

Ortopedisk inläggssula i kobelstil - Lymfatisk tvåvägsmassage fotkudde - masserande fotinlägg med kullersten - Ozerty

Provides excellent pain relief

Pain and soreness in the feet can be quite difficult to deal with. This is because there are no other effective options to alleviate the effects, apart from taking drugs. Do you spend long periods of time standing or on your feet and walking around? If you do and are looking for an effective solution to relieve pain and soreness in your feet, this cobblestone insole is just what you need.

This insole is made of cobblestone that helps you massage the soles of your feet while walking or standing, effectively relieving your pain . So with this particular device, you don't have to worry about dealing with painful feet again.

Massaging cobblestone insole - Provides excellent pain relief - Ozerty

Good for correcting posture

Another reason why you should consider getting this foot massager is the fact that it also helps correct your posture . Unlike regular shoe insoles, which usually do nothing but cushion your feet, these special insoles also help you create and maintain good posture.

You should be able to use these stone shaped orthopedic shoe inserts to correct conditions such as flat feet, hindfoot eversion, outer eight feet and so much more. So get yours today and improve your posture when you stand and walk.

Masserande innersula med kullersten - Bra för korrigering av hållning - Ozerty

Slimming effect

Metabolism generally refers to the conversion of ingested food into nutrients needed by the body and the formation (and then elimination) of waste products. Metabolism is very important for the body for many reasons, one of which is the slimming effect it produces. Basically, the faster a person's metabolism is, the more fat they burn and the leaner they become.

Do you have a slow metabolism or feel like you are retaining too much weight from food and want to lose weight? If so, these orthopedic shoe inserts are perfect for you. These shoe inserts help you speed up your body's metabolism; that is, they have an excellent slimming effect .

Masserande innersula med kullersten - Slimmande effekt - Ozerty

Not easily deformed

Insoles tend to deform and wear easily, so you may be wondering, "Will I not have the same problem where I have to replace these insoles often?" Absolutely not! These cobblestone orthopedic insoles are made of high-quality, durable materials so they wo n't deform easily . So you don't have to worry about having to change the insole often because you don't need to!

Masserande innersula med kullersten - Deformeras inte lätt - Ozerty

easy to use

Another reason why you should definitely consider getting this orthopedic insole is that it is easy to use . To use it, you just need to insert it into your shoe. That's all. It is universally compatible with many shoe types, so you shouldn't have any problems. The soles have cut lines at the toes and heel so you can cut them to fit your shoes.

Masserande innersula med kullersten - Lätt att använda - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Size: Small: EU 35-40 (25cm), Large: EU 41-45 (28.5cm)
  • Material: TPR + stones
  • Color: Brown
Masserande innersula med kullersten - Dimensions - Ozerty


A couple of massage posts

Masserande innersula med kullersten - Package - Ozerty

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