Professional premium knee pads

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  • Excellent knee protection

  • Possibilities for several areas of use

  • Non-slip design

  • Made with quality

  • easy to use

Make sure your knees are well protected and you're always comfortable when working or cycling with these professional premium knee pads.

Skyddande knäskydd - Knäskydd för tunga, halkskyddade knäskydd - Professionella knäskydd av högsta kvalitet - Ozerty

Excellent knee protection

Do you have a garden or do you often need to repair things at home or at work? If you do, you're likely to spend a lot of time on your knees trying to repair what you want to fix. However, this kneeling position can be quite uncomfortable, plus you want to make sure your knees are adequately protected when working.

If this matches your current experience, you will undoubtedly want to consider getting these professional knee pads. These premium knee pads offer excellent knee protection , plus they're also very comfortable to wear, so you'll be nice and comfortable at all times.

Professional Premium Knee Pads - Excellent Knee Pads - Ozerty

Possibilities for several areas of use

Another reason why you should consider getting yourself these professional knee pads is the fact that they have multiple uses . This basically means that you will be able to use these protective knee pads while performing several different activities such as gardening and several other home activities. You will even be able to use them while cycling. They offer excellent knee protection, so your safety is guaranteed.

Professionella premium knäskydd - Möjligheter till flera användningsområden - Ozerty

Non-slip design

If you've ever tried squatting or if you've spent a lot of time lying down on a stretch, you'll understand that it's easy to slip when squatting. There are actually several different types of protective knee pads, but beyond offering protection for your knees, they don't really offer much.

However, these special protective knee pads also have a non-slip design in addition to offering excellent protection. This basically means you won't be uncomfortable or have your knees slip while you work; the excellent grip that these knee pads offer ensures that you will always be able to use them comfortably.

Professionella premium knäskydd - Glidfri design - Ozerty

Made with quality

Successful tools usually have one thing in common: they are a perfect blend of quality and functionality. Both quality and functionality are important factors that determine how useful a tool is. Basically, a device that has many features but is made of poor quality materials will have limited use.

That's why these professional protective knee pads have a quality construction . They have a solid outer casing that ensures you are well protected when you work. They also have a cushioned inner layer, so you will remain very comfortable.

Professionella premium knäskydd - Tillverkad med kvalitet - Ozerty

easy to use

Another good reason why you should consider getting these protective knee pads is that they are easy to use . To use them, simply place the knee pad over your knee and then tighten the straps. That's all! The straps are long enough, so you should be able to use these knee pads regardless of body size or type.

Professionella premium knäskydd - Lätt att använda - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Band size: 61cm
  • Material: ABS and high quality gel
    Professionella premium knäskydd - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1 x Pair of protective knee pads

    Professionella premium knäskydd - Package - Ozerty

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