High-pressure hose with nozzle and soap dispenser

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  • Makes it easy to clean

  • Made with high pressure

  • Multiple spray modes

  • easy to use

  • Versatile

Are you tired of having to lug buckets of soap and water when you want to wash your vehicle? Wash easily with this practical hose nozzle with soap dispenser.

Tvättpistol för bilskum - Munstycke för tvättslang - Högtrycksmunstycke med högtrycksslang och tvåldispenser - Ozerty

Makes it easy to clean

Washing cars is a lot of work and can be very stressful. In addition to the time you have to spend on the actual car wash and cleaning, you also have to organize and carry buckets of clean water and soapy water until you are done washing the car. But washing the car doesn't have to be so stressful and with this high pressure foam gun it really isn't!

This water and hose nozzle is the perfect tool for you if you want to enjoy an easier car wash . It has a built-in soap dispenser that allows you to easily wash and rinse your car without having to use buckets. So practical!

High pressure hose with nozzle and soap dispenser - Makes cleaning easy - Ozerty

Made with high pressure

Do you often use a hose? If you do, you are well aware of the importance of pressure when using your hose. If the water pressure is low, the water flow from the hose will also be low, making it stressful to use.

That is why this hose nozzle is designed to have a high pressure construction . This tool has an industrial construction that can achieve excellent spraying results from as far as six meters. This makes it a perfect tool for you to use when washing your vehicles as it guarantees ease.

Högtrycksslang med munstycke och tvåldispenser - Tillverkad med högt tryck - Ozerty

Multiple spray modes

You might be thinking, "I already have a hose with a perfect nozzle, so why would I even consider replacing it with this high-pressure nozzle?" Well, it is true that there are many tools similar to this device in the market, but there is nothing quite like it.

First, this tool has multiple spray modes . Most sprayers or nozzles usually have between one and three different spray modes, but this particular unit has up to eight different spray modes! It has modes such as rinse, power, shower, mist and so much more, ensuring that you always have access to the perfect option for your needs. The soap dispenser is also unique. You can turn on and off access to the soap container as you need it.

Högtrycksslang med munstycke och tvåldispenser - Flera sprutningslägen - Ozerty

easy to use

In addition to having multiple spray modes and an industrial high pressure design, this pressure gun is also quite easy to use . To use it, you just need to follow the steps below:
- Remove the built-in soap container, fill it with soap and then reattach it to the hose nozzle.
- Then you connect the head to the water supply.

That's all! You can now continue to use the appliance to achieve the simple and perfect cleaning result that you want.

Högtrycksslang med munstycke och tvåldispenser - Lätt att använda - Ozerty


It is also worth mentioning that this high pressure nozzle is versatile . This means that in addition to using it to wash your cars, you can also use it to wash bicycles, electric cars and so on. You can also use it to wash windows, floors, your driveway and other surfaces.

Högtrycksslang med munstycke och tvåldispenser - Mångsidig - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Color: Black, green, yellow
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Size: approx. 21 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 235g
Högtrycksslang med munstycke och tvåldispenser - Dimensions - Ozerty


1 x Car foam washing gun with soap dispenser

Högtrycksslang med munstycke och tvåldispenser - Package - Ozerty

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