Weighted blanket with deep pressure therapy

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Colors: Dark grey
Size: 122x183 cm (7kg) - Body weight under 70kg
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  • 8 layers of premium felt

  • Medical grade glass beads

  • Deep pressure stimulation

  • Stress-relieving effect

  • Breathable cotton

Help your body and mind or a loved one relax and get a better night's sleep with this 8-layer weighted blanket.

Tyngdtäcke i 8 lager, glaspärlor av medicinsk kvalitet, djuptrycksstimulering - Ozerty

Weight blanket with 8 layers

Our exclusive design for our 8-layer weighted blanket features a soft top layer that is glue-free for added durability, and an extremely breathable bottom layer that contains millions of micro glass beads to help you relax at night and get a better night's sleep. All layers are lined with high quality polyester. The combination of these layers gives you optimal temperature control , while the super soft second layer prevents the beads from leaking through the blanket itself. The pearls are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, latex-free & phthalate-free.

Weighted blanket with deep pressure therapy - Weighted blanket with 8 layers - Ozerty

Medical grade glass beads

The glass beads in the weighted blanket are more durable and comfortable than plastic beads, allowing you to be enveloped in relaxation . They are held in the strong fibers of the quilt, which means that the calming effect of the glass beads creates an evenly distributed weight instead of sinking into a corner of the quilt. All materials in the gravity blanket, including the glass beads, are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Tyngdtäcke med djuptrycksterapi  - Glaspärlor av medicinsk kvalitet - Ozerty

Deep pressure stimulation

The deep pressure exerted by the weight of the Weighted Blanket should have a relaxing effect on the joints, muscles and tendons. This effect is also known as "Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation", which consists of gentle but firm and even pressure on the body. The Weighted Blanket should not only provide insomnia relief, it could also offer stress relief! Made with 100% cotton, the blanket is breathable so you sleep cool all night long.

Tyngdtäcke med djuptrycksterapi  - Djuptrycksstimulering - Ozerty

Stress-relieving effect

The pressure from the weighted blanket is designed to help relieve anxiety and intrusive thoughts and calm the body, giving you a restful night's sleep. In addition, the pressure normally helps to release serotonin while reducing the level of cortisol (the stress hormone), so it physically calms your body . The weight of the blanket placed on the body is designed to make you or your loved one feel safe. Remember that results may vary depending on many factors. Ask your doctor if it suits your needs.

Tyngdtäcke med djuptrycksterapi  - Stresslindrande effekt - Ozerty

Breathable cotton

The first layer of the 8-layer weight blanket is made from 100% premium breathable cotton so your body can still breathe freely and not feel suffocated in any way. The premium cotton in the weight blanket also has good moisture absorption and is finished with the best sewing techniques.

Tyngdtäcke med djuptrycksterapi  - Andningsbar bomull - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Material: Polyester / cotton
  • Filling: Medical grade glass beads
  • Dimensions: 122x183cm (7kg), 153x203cm (9kg)
  • Colours: Dark grey, Dark blue, Light grey
  • Recommended: 122x183cm (7kg) for body weight under 70kg, 153x203cm (9kg) for bodyweight over 70kg.
    Tyngdtäcke med djuptrycksterapi  - Dimensions - Ozerty


    1 x weighted blanket with 8 layers

    Tyngdtäcke med djuptrycksterapi  - Package - Ozerty

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