20-pack wall hooks thumbs up

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  • Effective organizer

  • For most surfaces

  • High quality silicone

  • Multifunctional

  • Adhesive

Easily and efficiently organize cables, wires and cords, hang up your glasses and data cables and improve the overall organization and appearance of your home with these thumbs up silicone wall hooks.

Väggkrok med tummen upp - Silikonkabelorganisator och nyckelhållare - Silikon Thumb-stil väggkrok - Ozerty

Effective organizer

Do you find that you always seem to have to untangle knots of cables, cords or wires? Or maybe you just don't like how your cables, wires and cords always make your home seem so messy, and you're looking for a tool that you can use to organize them efficiently. If you are, then look no further because this silicone wall hook is the efficient organizer you need!

You will be able to use this wall hook to effectively organize and secure your data cables. In addition to cables, however, you will also be able to use this wall hook to grab and hold several other items such as glasses, key rings and thin makeup brushes.

20-Pack Thumb Up Wall Hooks - Effective Organizer - Ozerty

Attach them to several different surfaces

There are several wall hooks on the market, so you might think: "Why should I settle for this particular wall hook when I have several other options?". That is a good question! You see, many of these other options are somewhat limited in that you can only attach them to about one or two different types of surfaces.

However, this wall hook is widely compatible, so you will be able to attach it to several different types of surfaces such as glass, ceramic, wood, marble and so on. This basically ensures that you will be able to attach these wall hooks wherever you want.

20-pack väggkrokar tummen upp - Fäst de på flera olika ytor - Ozerty

High quality silicone

Another thing that makes this wall hook perfect for all your activities at home is that it has a high-quality construction . This wall hook has a quality silicone construction that ensures it is perfectly durable.

In addition to this, these wall hooks are waterproof, rustproof and colorfast, so they will easily last a long time and keep their colorful design too! You'll love that they're more than just a regular hook. They actually grab the cables and hold them in place so they don't move.

20-pack väggkrokar tummen upp - Silikon av hög kvalitet - Ozerty


In addition to the hooks being made of high-quality silicone and being a perfect organizational tool, these wall hooks are also multifunctional. This basically means that in addition to being able to use them to organize and clamp your cables, cords and so on, you will also be able to use these wall hooks to hang and organize other items such as keys, headphones, toothbrushes, towels, necklaces and much more! You'll even be able to use it to easily hang and organize your towels and cleaning cloths. The possibilities are endless!

20-pack väggkrokar tummen upp - Multifunktionell - Ozerty


Another thing that makes this wall hook perfect for all your organizational activities is the fact that it has an adhesive design . This means that all you have to do when you want to attach it is simply attach it to a wall or desired surface. That's all! It will hold perfectly, so you don't even need professional help or drill holes in the walls of your home to attach these hooks.

20-pack väggkrokar tummen upp - Självhäftande - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Left Hand + Right Hand
  • Color: Grey/Pink/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Purple/Green/Dark Grey/Avocado Green
  • Quantity: Pack of 20 hooks
20-pack väggkrokar tummen upp - Dimensions - Ozerty


20 x Wall hooks with thumbs up

20-pack väggkrokar tummen upp - Package - Ozerty

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